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30-Minute Chat

30 min | Complimentary

This is an offer that is by invitation only. You’ll have been instructed to book this by me or my assistant.

NOTE: If you are a member of the press or an Amish person, I’m always happy to chat for free. Select the “Press & Amish Advocacy” option.



60-Minute Conversation

1 hr | Usually $395.00  Special Rate: $97.00

Pick my brain on any topic (love, life, business, sex, health, money, art, philosophy, religion, medicine, psychedelics, Buddhism, aliens, etc.).

(We’ll connect via Zoom and I’ll send you a comp recording of the conversation if requested beforehand.)


Press & Amish Advocacy

30 min | Free

My mission is to change how the Amish are perceived by the media and mainstream America. I work on behalf of fighting for the rights of the Amish and also holding them accountable when they break the laws that apply to every American citizen.

This includes putting an end to Amish rape culture.

Torah has been featured or quoted in: