Brought to you by Torah Bontrager (Amish author, speaker, podcaster + entrepreneur), this panel features memoir authors who are all sexual assault survivors (with the exception of Stephanie, who is here as an expert offering tools for trauma).

Torah thought that a discussion about love for survivors might be particularly helpful for people who feel especially alone or suicidal during holidays.

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We had a live panel where Torah asked a set of questions and each panel member, including Torah, gave their answer.

Panel Members: Lizzie Hershberger, Marian Bacol-Uba, Lindsay Gibson, Kathy Picard, Elizabeth Vazquez, Torah Bontrager (survivors), and Stephanie Dalfonzo (trauma expert).

Question #1: What’s your story in 1 sentence?

Question #2: How has sharing your story publicly helped you in your healing journey?

Question #3: How has what happened affected your romantic relationships?

Question #4: How do you get through suicidal phases or events (like Valentine’s Day) when you’re alone? Or how did you get through them when you were single?

Question #5: What’s one way, or the best way, that a potential romantic partner could support you as a sexual assault/trauma survivor? What would you say to a potential partner?

Question #6: What is your self-care practice?

Question #7: What are some things that help you for post-traumatic stress? Tools, tips, techniques, rituals, etc.

Question #8: Is love possible after sexual assault? And what’s your definition of love?