Are you an Amish escapee? Or do you want to
escape from a closed society?

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The Amish Underground Railroad

**This phone number is for Amish/closed society escapees only.  No other calls will be returned.

Important Info (for non-media):

I do my best to reply to as many messages as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s simply not possible to answer everyone but I do personally read as many as I can.

Please be persisent and keep reaching out if I don’t respond. Send me a follow-up every 1-2 weeks until you get a response, IF you really want to hear from me.

Reasons for not responding:
Maybe you emailed me on the wrong day. Maybe your message got lost in my inbox. Maybe I’m just not interested in your offer. Etc., etc., etc. If I were superhero woman, everyone would always hear from me. But I haven’t yet acquired those powers.

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Media/PR/Biz Inquiries:
1. Text me at +1.646.653.0654


2. Email via here and put “[Media/PR/Biz Request]” in the subject line


3. Hashtag me on Twitter: #AmishNationMedia

Amish Escapee / Closed Society Inquiries:
1. Text/call me at 646.653.0654


2. Email via here and put “[Escapee Request]” in the subject line


3. Hashtag me on Twitter: #AmishNationEscapee

Torah's story has been featured here:

1. Tim Ferriss' blog. Interview by New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Workweek, etc. "Escaping the Amish (Parts 1 & 2)"

4. MTV’s award-winning True Life documentary series. Episode “I’m Ex Amish”.

MTV’s True Life. “I’m Ex Amish” update (my story made the BRAVE category for the entire span of True Life’s 16-year history at the time). Video Clip

5. Unconventional Life Podcast by Jules Schroeder. Hosted on the Forbes Under 30 Channel. Episode 34: From Amish-Escapee to Author: How to Powerfully Leverage Your Personal Story

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